The Law of Attraction & Your Life’s Purpose with Michael J. Losier


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Michael Losier is a best-selling author, trainer, and speaker who has spent the last 20+ years traveling the world to teach others about the Law of Attraction.
He joins us to discuss identifying our motivations and fulfillment needs, the cycle of positive vs. negative vibrations, and language as the basis of our thoughts and beliefs.
Michael shares why being selfish is important, what a good reset sounds like, and how to uplift the people around you while remaining true to yourself.
0:00 intro
1:55 What is your strategy for fulfilling your needs?
5:56 Identifying your fulfillment needs
11:19 You don’t have to say yes, just because you were asked
15:30 Michael’s top four fulfillment needs
17:14 Michael’s experience with Law of Attraction as a child
21:17 What is Law of Attraction?
24:33 The four stages of Law of Attraction
25:49 How Law of Attraction works in real-life
29:14 The three words that attract things you don’t want
34:03 Coincidence is evidence of law of attraction
35:19 “So what do I want?”
37:29 Mind your own vibration
40:45 How to help others lift their vibrations
45:35 It’s okay to be negative as long as you do it briefly
46:25 You can only have one thought at a time
47:09 Selfish means self-care
48:30 Being honest with yourself about your vibes
49:55 When the words change, the vibes change
52:01 Abundance is a feeling, money is not
56:19 Good vibes create virtuous circles
59:23 Ditching your baggage with Emotion Code
1:02:46 What using the word “because” says about your beliefs
1:04:33 How to self-publish a book
1:15:25 Wrap-up
1:17:39 Michael Losier’s Quote Cards
Law of Attraction by Michael Losier:
Your Life’s Purpose by Michael Losier:
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