172: 3 Ways to Get a Steady Flow of Referrals


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Why is it that some women have a rich ready-made network of people who send them business all the time, while others feel isolated and stuck with nobody to do business with.

I asked hundreds of women business owners what they felt were some of the big stumbling blocks for them getting new clients. And so many of them said they were not getting enough referrals.

They said things like: "People aren't sending people my way."

Referrals make doing business so much easier.

Referrals are free. And, when you use our proven three-part system for getting referrals, it means that there's always someone waiting to do business with you.

Whether you are just starting out in business and looking to establish your client base and decide who your ideal clients are, but you aren't getting a lot of new customers and or referrals…

Or, you've been in business for a while, you've already got great products and services, but you want more people referring you…

This episode gives you a more reliable way to get referrals and repeat business and be matched with the partners, alliances and suppliers...

Listen to hear:

  • How to GET MORE REFERRALS and word-of-mouth clients without attracting tyre-kickers
  • Three things you can do to make connections with people who know, like and trust you and will send you referrals
  • Why being the 'lone ranger' will keep you from building a flow of referrals and what to do if right now you don't have people to refer you
  • How members of the HerBusiness Network are doing thousands of dollars in business simply from being referred by other members
  • Why creating a Connection Network™ is the first thing you want to do to get people referring youListen to see real opportunities to boost your referrals.

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