The Behavioral Sustainability Movement with Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon


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Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Mirei Claremon is a global citizen, behavioral scientist, and cross-cultural consumer insights expert based in Los Angeles. She earned her MBA and PhD from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

We sit down to discuss Dr. Claremon’s pioneering work in the field of behavioral sustainability, a movement grounded on three pillars – people, planet, and prosperity. Topics include corporate greenwashing, cultivating bipartisan interest in environmental issues, analytic vs. holistic thinking, effective altruism, Gen Z, “wokeness,” among others.


00:00 Introduction

01:46 Dr. Claremon’s academic background in cross-cultural differences

07:57 What are the key terms within sustainability?

12:55 What are the three pillars of sustainability? People, planet, and prosperity

15:14 The biggest barrier to human behavior

16:29 How we can make plastic pollution more relevant to people

18:44 How should we message to liberals and conservatives differently about social issues?

21:10 Analytic vs holistic thinking

24:20 Effective altruism – what’s the best way for you to contribute?

28:02 Why Gen Z is becoming more mentally fragile

31:11 What can we learn from the oldest companies in the world about sustainability?

33:28 Shintoism in Japan and similarity to animism

39:13 Wokeness, atheism, and religion

41:07 Sustainable investing, “ESG”

44:14 Not everyone can care about the same problems

47:33 Should we get off social media or use it differently?

48:48 Subjective well-being is critical to sustainability

50:25 Extreme inequality is bad for everybody

52:24 Learning from nature with biomimicry
58:55 "One Final Question"


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