Interview with Terry Dove-Pittman


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Terry Dove-Pittman never set out to be an entrepreneur. Fifteen years ago, if you had asked about her life plan, it would have been to spend time with her family, work a steady career in government, and follow that plan. But when she realized that she wasn’t using her potential to the fullest extent, she threw out the plan and decided to strike out on her own. She is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at the Gideon Group, her third entrepreneurial endeavor, where she leverages her many years of expertise to help grow startups and nonprofits.

“As many times as I asked, ‘Why me?’ But then, ‘Why not me?’ I am uniquely qualified in being Terry, and the skills and things that I have gleaned over time are vital to other people.” -Terry Dove-Pittman

In our conversation, she shares that one of the most important areas of growth along her journey from savage to sage has been in boundary-setting, and that it has had a big positive impact on her both personally and professionally. We also spend time talking about how to create teams around you that are invested in your vision, some of the key characteristics she looks for when growing her team, and how she works to address work-flow with her team throughout the Covid pandemic.

To learn more about the Gideon Group, go to, or connect with Terry on LinkedIn.

Topics in this episode

  • Relationship-building as a tool for business growth
  • Establishing boundaries within working relationships
  • The power and freedom in negotiating deadlines
  • Defining successful entrepreneurship outside of the business
  • Building empowered teams that you can trust and will hold you accountable
  • Investigating the alignment between personal and professional goals

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