Episode 293 – Invincible on Amazon, Falcon and Winter Soldier ep 2, What If on Justice League


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What if the Justice League was Invincible, who fought against a soldier in the winter who had a falcon? That’s what this episode is about! Maybe not exactly like this but it caught your attention. Let’s get it right. We start out this week’s episode with a new animated show on Amazon called Invincible.

This new show came out last week and Podcast4Scifi were all over this one. We spend some time discussing the first episode (spoiler-free) and what we thought of it. Is this show going to last? Is it worth the watch? You know how we like to talk about what Rotten Tomatoes scores it and you may be surprised on the score it got.

We now shift gears into the newest Marvel show on the block, Falcon and Winter Soldier.

We are a 3rd of the season in (only 6 episodes) and the story seems to be moving fast. It was not 2 months ago and there were comments about Marvel’s other show WandaVision going too slow. Moose, Magic Mike and Gamegod can not seem to get on the same page about what they thought about Marvel’s latest show. Is the show really good or are we wanting it to be good so we look past the imperfections it may have? We answer some of these questions or at least try to.

Finally with Justice League Snyder Cut released, the jury is back with its verdict. It’s a hit! So now what? Our sources released some info to us let us know the potential titles to the next Justice League sequels if released.

Would this have changed the superhero movie landscape? Is this what we want to see? Is it too late for this to happen? Lots of question and not many answers.

One thing is for sure, we will be back for another episode next week. Join us every Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm to be a part of the action.

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