#109 – Cold Spot=Spirit?


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Our group of adventurers continue their journey in the D&D campaign “The Dungeon of Doom”

Characters of this campaign include: Brack the Deep Gnome Paladin (Eric), Diana the Aasimar Fighter (Lindsay), Brokkr the Dwarf Cleric (Kyle), Murgatroyd the Kenku Warlock (Stephen), and Luke is our fearless DM.

#109 – Cold Spot=Spirit?

Highlights include:
1. The fire elemental that Brokkr dispatched so easily last time as reassembled into a new fire-foe! He’s a grabby one!
2. Diana FINALLY rolls a critical hit! This was followed immediately by a crit miss so…dice giveth, dice taketh. After some powerful stabs by Brack the monster is defeated and we can move forward.
3. The heat from the lava is almost unbearable as we approach one of that statues but Brack finds a not-haunted cold spot.
4. The warrior statue speaks! he provides a warning but as always there’s a price to learn more. Murg is willing but Brack and Brokkr try to stop him unsuccessfully. The warrior eats the gems offered as payment and tells us a tale.
5. With knowledge gained, we try to cross the bridge but a group of beetles attack! While fairly easy to kill, they seem drawn to the orbs that Murgatroyd holds.

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