Episode 131: A Conversation About Fatphobia, Sizeism, and Thin Privilege with Amee Severson


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Dear Listener, Today, join me and the wonderful Amee Severson for a conversation about fatphobia and how social justice fits into conversations around health and nutrition. Amee also shares her thoughts on why some individuals have a hard time accepting the existence of things like sizeism and thin privilege. Amee is a Registered Dietitian whose work focuses on body positivity, fat acceptance, and intuitive eating through a social justice lens. With a mission to break the stereotype that all RD’s live in small bodies and only eat certain foods, Amee cultivates rebellion and liberation on social media, showcasing the possibility for health and happiness in any body. Amee encourages the belief that food can be enjoyed without guilt or shame. She believes that recovery from disordered eating is possible for everyone and that every person deserves to feel trust in their body. Amee doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all nutrition and health, so she works with clients to make health and nutrition fit into their current life, not the other way around. If you’d like to learn more about Amee and her work, you can find her on IG @amee_rd or on her website at, https://prospernutritionwellness.com/. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to tap those five stars if you enjoy today’s episode! Yours Chewly with gratitude, Claire

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