Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness Podcast Episode 298- Sit Down and Take a Minute


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This episode is about sitting?????? Yes, there is a need to stand and a time to sit. One important time to sit is when we are eating. I want to discuss self care and family care this episode when it comes to eating patterns, and how it relates to metabolism and overall health. This is not about needing to be pampered or taken care of. It is about maximizing one of the most important contributors to health: our nutrition. It is not just about what we eat, but about how we eat. In our nutrition class, I often hear about stress eating. We all have experienced it in one way or another. It might be thought of as having control of something in our life, but the reality it leads to less control and poor health.

This episode deals with how those behaviors negatively impact your health. So sit down, take a nice easy breath from from your diaphragm and let's begin.

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