Coronavirus Crisis Update: Bill Frist – “You Are Not Going to See the Snake Over In the Bush…”


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…if you are fed misinformation from the top of the US government. Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist joined us to reflect on his life and where our country is. “I have radically changed my life … for the better. Refocused my life on nature.” In his 12 years in the Senate, he was the only doctor who had taken care of a patient… the only scientist. It was tough selling his 2005 Manhattan Project plan for pandemic preparedness. Today with Covid-19: “We have failed as a country.” Trump failed at communications by spreading false information, undermining scientists, downplaying the severity. In Tennessee, “hundreds of people died unnecessarily.” “If there is a fire in the forest, you have to know where it is.” And test. “Health security is national security, And we have to treat it as such.” The January 6 insurrection? “For me it was very personal. Took me back to 23 years ago when a man came into the Capitol and assassinated two police.” Does the Republican Party have a future? “ It is in search of a leader.” Listen to hear the full answer.

Bill Frist, a renowned heart and lung transplant surgeon, served two terms in the Senate, including as the Senate Majority Leader 2003-2007. Today he remains a highly influential health policy expert, at home and abroad, a medical innovator, advocate, businessman, and naturalist. He hosts a very active podcast, ‘A Second Opinion.’ He lives on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee.

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