Matsu and Taiwan – Wen Lii


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In Episode #38, we are joined by Wen Lii (李問), director of the Matsu Islands chapter of Taiwan's governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). We discuss:

  • Taiwan's status and its relationship with China, in plain English

  • Matsu and its sister Kinmen islands unique position as Taiwanese islands on China's shores

  • How China and Taiwan agreed on an informal schedule to exchange fire during the Cold War

  • How our guest helped the DPP establish a Matsu presence and dramatically improve their vote tally on the islands

  • Dressing up as a mussel shell and other tales from the Matsu campaign trail (pictures can be viewed HERE)

  • Concerns on the islands over illegal fishing and sand mining activities by Chinese ships

  • Reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

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