122: Crawl Optimization, How Google Works, SEO Income Studies w/Jori Ford


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Tech SEO fans and anyone passionate about the SEO industry, this episode is for you!

My guest for this episode is Jori Ford!

Jori Ford is currently Chief Marketing Officer at FoodBoss, which is a food delivery search comparison engine.

Prior to that, she was Sr. Director of SEO and Content at G2 among many other roles.

In addition to her vast SEO, Content, and Marketing experience spanning over 15 years – Jori also has a very extensive Engineering Background as well and is experienced in how search engine algorithms are actually created.

She has been a Speaker for Search Summit, Tech SEO Boost, and SES – and a columnist for Search Engine Watch.

In this episode:

  • Demystifying the “Magic” of Google
  • Different algos for different industries
  • Historical Content Records in Google
  • How Brand Search Volume may impact Rankings
  • Advanced Crawl Budget and Optimization
  • Crawl budget vs Crawl demand
  • Conserve vs optimize vs expand crawling
  • Why it’s possible for SEOs to be both technical and creative
  • Ways to learn SEO
  • Problems with SEO income studies
  • And lots more!

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