#110 – Boop of Death


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Our group of adventurers continue their journey in the D&D campaign “The Dungeon of Doom”

Characters of this campaign include: Brack the Deep Gnome Paladin (Eric), Diana the Aasimar Fighter (Lindsay), Brokkr the Dwarf Cleric (Kyle), Murgatroyd the Kenku Warlock (Stephen), and Luke is our fearless DM.

#110 – Boop of Death

Highlights include:
1. The ground starts to shake…as the group backs up quickly, a dragon emerges from the lava!
2. The dragon starts strong and deals quite a bit of damage, we try to fight back but some out of the box ideas aren’t cutting it until Murg deals ONE DAMAGE to the beast which turns the tides of battle.
3. Brack tries to gather intel on the dragon but it’s really a wasted attempt in the midst of battle. On the bright side we get the timeless quote from Brack: “I slide just on my knees, not on my legs.”
4. As the battle rages on, Murgatroyd saves the day with a critical vampiric touch on the dragon and essentially boops him to death. Truly an epic maneuver.
5. With the dragon defeated we are finally able to safely cross the bridge. We find new statues that don’t talk along with our next glyph stone surrounded by a gold forcefield. Brokkr finds a back entrance to the caves beneath the dungeon but how will we get the glyph stone?

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