Sneaky Dragon Episode 489


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 489 of 5, 745, 633rd most popular podcast on the internet!

This week: 50% vaccinated; not feeling it; active bodies; taking it wrong; flu-like symptoms; public domain humour; better dyed the read; marriage is ageless; which Jimmy; not forgotten; birds-a-verse; catbird seat; animal bands; an audience of one; fan of Nobody; almost blackface; get off the anger ledge; Justice League’s third ending; endless sweaters; zombies aren’t interesting; unexpected casting; Dave recants; walked out on owls; trailer deprived; military popcorn; scuppered by family; boo on the world; gym strip is weird; jarring building; secret society; necrophiliac oral pig sex; get out of jail free cards; deep digs; long memoir-ies; unsympathetic; your problems are still problems; if you like seaweed; Dork Shadows – Sister’s Keeper; hot chicks and diaphanous gowns; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; back in time; shoulder-to-shoulder harmonizing; shy pushiness; slight disabled; future hopes; glosette vaccination; band together; verified shit job; loosely knit family; sign of being gay; the right fit; and, finally, surprise horse.

Question of the week: What is a group you wanted to be a part of? Were you ever able to be part of it?
Sub-question: What is the oddest side effect you have ever had?

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Do you want to see Canada’s favourite anthropromorphic popcorn?

That bizarre Eaton’s campaign that has scarred Ian:

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