#3 How I Use Social Media: Chris Burgess


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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Chris Burgess for our third episode in the "how I use social media" series. This one is way less social media focussed than our last two as Chris' passion for local marketing and in-person personal training comes through, however, we also discuss how he uses social media, how his gym business uses it, whether you need an avatar, contacting local businesses to network share on social media and much more! Timestamps are below.


  • [01.15] - How Chris thinks about using social media as a trainer.
  • [06.20] - Starting off building an online business using concentric circles.
  • [08.35] - Should I chase more followers?
  • [13.20] - What should a trainer do if they need more clients using social media?
  • [17.25] - Why and how he uses a 3 session pass with new clients.
  • [21.35] - Simple social media strategies for local lead generation.
  • [24.05] - Encouraging people to take the next step towards working with you on social media.
  • [28.30] - Where are trainers going wrong on social media?
  • [30.50] - How important is it to have a particular person in mind when putting out social media content?
  • [37.40] - Should you use a personal profile to share your PT stuff?

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