Sneaky Dragon Episode 490


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 490 of the podcast that brought you lemon curd!

This week: killers; a real mystery; murder down under; competitive acting; happy wanderers; year of the horse; horse detective; pet dreams; dream manipulator; pet dreams; angry brain; hypnogogic fun; stupid batcave; making a case for dumb Batman; boring Green Hornet; stumbling on stuff; working class hero; wondering about Eternals; heart of the movie; default Justice League; REVENGE!; homemade lube; herpes, the love bug; the problem with grudges; sitcom damage; no chance for change; let’s get real; things we did anyway; shots; no Dork Shadows; question of the Week – Sneakers respond; shagging; take in Bath; more horsin’ around; Santa on trial; repulsed; Chick Talk™; fine lines; so young; charm levels; belonging; how to be popular; and, finally, the ghost of Lincoln.

Question of the week: How has travel changed you?
Sub-question: Do you have much interest in the Oscars this year?

That Justice League thing Ian was going on about:

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