Philippa Perry on Parenting


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Philippa Perry, what an amazing person. The type of person you always want on your side in an argument!

She is a psychotherapist and author of many books, including the most recent no. 1 best selling “The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did)”

I believe the title says it all!

In our chat Philippa really puts us in our box and made us rethink our basic approach to parenting, which hopefully it's not too late to start implementing now :)

“Teenagers biologically know they need to find a new tribe, because they know you are going to die first. In order for them to find their new tribe they are going to have to make you horrible, as they can’t leave their first tribe if they think their parent(s) are gorgeous and amazing. So they start picking fights with you… don’t take them hating you personally, they have to hate you to find their new tribe”

We discussed teenagers to toddlers, boys vs girls to restrictions on social media and mobile phone usage.

Again we cannot recommend listening to this episode and more of Philippa in general. A wonderful person and to top it all off she’s a great laugh!

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