Sneaky Dragon Episode 491


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 491 of the best little podcast on the internet.

This week: built-in excuse; now you tell me; working man’s blues; keep feeling vaccinated; the first dose is the deepest; sick of you; Terminator world; we can laugh about it now; sasquatch conspiracy; nervous tics; the barn district; the Nancy game; funny, but not cool; the GAU; make your own decisions; baby hate; disappointed parents; don’t be a controlling hand; intentional parenting; classy move; date with death; heatlhy choices; most dangerous occupation; musical fatalities; Superman’s parents; the dumb Phantom Zone; Dork Shadows – A Serpent in the Garden; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; Oscar treats; arriving Las Vegas; Colonial weather; Dave takes it all back; and, finally, dreamy pets.

Question of the week: Are you doing today what you originally planned?
Sub-question: Did you ever disappoint someone? Was it right that you felt that way?

How to play Five Card Nancy.

The Art of Three Rocks.

Someone stole Dave’s idea for a video game:

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