Episode 10 - Some Serious Babymama Drama - The Bitter Blood Murders


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Join Mary & Christina for a Christina Special as she takes the reins and describes the worst case of "BabyMama Drama" in history. The Bitter Blood murders took place in 1985 but the whole story starts when a woman named Susie Newsome-Lynch , a divorced woman, began to allow her hatred for her ex-husband & Ex in-laws to rule her life to the point of obsession. So obsessed on retaliation that no one, not even her own children, mattered in her eyes.
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Research done by - Christina Robertson
Production & Editing done by - Mary Bland with True Crime Down Yonder Entertainment
Intro and outro song - "Headed Down Town" By Will Harrison
Research Resource for this show
"Bitter Blood" - By
Jerry Bledsoe
Southern Fried Homicide - Season 1, Episode 1 "Kissing Cousins"
Greensboro News and Record "Tom Lynch says death of his sons 30 years ago is never far from his mind"- Article by Margaret Moffet, 6/3/2015

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