Ben's Story of the Day - Elderly Escapees, Boulders on Boulders in Boulder & The Colostomy Bag Lasso


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Today's edition of Ben's Story of the Day features:

1) They may be old but they're not out of the fight! An assisted living facility had two fewer residents after an elderly couple with early signs of dementia flew the coop. The entrance's keypad had buttons that all make unique beeps which the husband picked up on. Using some of his old army skills, he took note of which buttons made up the password and did a little deciphering. After cracking the password the couple made their escape. Normally you'll find weird, unusual or downright stupid here but this time it's nothing but pure genius!

2) It's finally happened. The most descriptive and yet least descriptive headline of all time. It features boulders, Boulder Canyon, the city of Boulder, Colorado and the Boulder County Sheriff's Office. Why overthink naming everything when 'boulder' does just fine?

3) Police officers have to deal with a lot on a daily basis. Fortunately, a colostomy bag wielding weirdo who's probably had a bit too much to drink in Kid Rock’s Big A** Honky Tonk & Rock ‘n’ Roll Steakhouse isn't one of those daily doses of dumb. Unfortunately for the responding officers, this is the (hopefully) one time they will have to use all of their training to figure things out.

Which one will be crowned Ben's Story of the Day? Which one is your story of the day?

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