Dr Gemma Newman and the Prescription for Health


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This weeks podcast is with the delightful Dr Gemma Newman.

Gemma is a friend of ours, a GP with a special interest in the environment, women’s health, and nature. We have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of health courses, including our recent The Happy Skin Challenge.

This was a very informative chat to say the least. We covered so many topics from antibiotic resistance, agriculture and soil regeneration; to the importance of nature.

“The UN warns us that by 2050 we could have 10 million excess deaths due to antibiotic resistant infections in humans, because the antibiotics that we are now using will become ineffective and one of the main ways that we are exposed to antibiotics is through the meat that we eat.”

Dr Gemma is so knowledgeable and was such a joy to talk with. We really really enjoyed this episode and hope you got as much from it as we did.

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