Season 02 Episode 09 - Digital Virtuality and Blended Ecology in the Church and other Confusing Phrases with Dr. Michael Adam Beck


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Michael Adam Beck joins Jeff and Jonny adds his two cents as well on this episode. Michael is a seminary professor, author, pastor, consultant, ministry coach, and a leader in the Fresh Expressions of the Church movement. He has co-authored a book with Leonard Sweet titled, Contextual Intelligence.
Do you know what digital virtuality is? If not, listen up because it's fascinating and it exists in the lives of some of your church members whether you know what it is or not. This episode is a part 2 spin-off of Episode 340, and next week there is a part 3 with Leonard Sweet.
We know you will enjoy this episode, and think a few new thoughts because of it. Jonny shares what's on his mind at the end of the episode, and if you want to access everything Michael Adam Beck has to offer, check him out at

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