T. rex walking speed


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Dinosaur of the day Eotriceratops, a large three-horned dinosaur that evolved roughly one million years before Triceratops.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • T. rex probably walked about as fast as humans
  • 25 new fossils of possible titanosaurs were found in northeast India
  • There is a fundraiser to help a 9 year old with cancer take a trip to Dinosaur National Monument
  • The Mace Brown Museum of Natural History in South Carolina has a new dinosaur tracks exhibit
  • The unveiling of a new Allosaurus skeleton at the Zhengjia Museum of Natural Science was accompanied by a "dinosaur eating event"
  • A new game titled Second Extinction has humans trying to reclaim Earth after mutated dinosaurs take over
  • A Resident Evil Village mod has made Barney the Dinosaur an enemy

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