Ben's Story of the Day - Burglar Captured On Muffin, Anesthetic Accent Adjustment, Lost Arm Gets Found


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Today's edition of Ben's Story of the Day features:

1) CCTV cameras are infamous for their grainy quality video feeds but one bakery has decided they can still work with that after being broken into. Why not take the best photo they have of the burglar and put it on some of their food?

2) A lady in Australia got her wisdom teeth removed but awoke from the general anesthetic to find that her mouth isn't the only thing that changed, her voice did too! Despite never visiting Ireland in her life, she now has an Irish accent!

3) Having your car broken into is really bad but what's even worse is having your prosthetic arm stolen too! Luckily enough for this one-armed pitcher, his thief threw away the arm only for it to be found by workers at a recycling plant who sent it back to him.

Which one will be crowned Ben's Story of the Day? Which one is your story of the day?

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