Hive Talkin with Suzie Millar Co-owner and founder of The Scottish Bee Company


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Shortly after I started my apiary I spotted a big piece in a national newspaper about the awards The Scottish Bee Company was winning for their honey and their discovery that Scottish honey contains 10 times more manganese than rivals across the globe. I had to know more and immediately searched for their social media.

Following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, they’re now following Scotch whiskey and breaking into global markets, diversifying into a whole range of bee-related products, and continue, even through this pandemic, to go from strength to strength.
Join me as I Hive Talk with business-minded Suzie Millar, co-owner of The Scottish Bee company, honey sommelier, and brand new Mum about great ideas, apprenticeships, and Shrubs (the drink not the plant!).

Head over to for more information or to go crazy in their online shop! To keep up to date with new product releases give them a social media follow at @scottishbeecompany and learn more about supporting our pollinators at

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