How to know if egg freezing is right for you with Cleveland Clinic IVF Director Dr. Marjan Attaran


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If you're thinking about freezing your eggs to preserve your fertility, there's a lot to consider. Stephanie Haney knows firsthand, because she's done it and shares about that experience here, in the first of a 3-episode series. Also in this episode, the Cleveland Clinic's IVF Director Dr. Marjan Attaran, MD, goes over who is freezing eggs, why they’re doing it, who makes a good candidate and the types of testing available to help decide if this is the right decision for you. Plus, Stephanie suggests why Betts is a great spot to enjoy brunch and talk over these important life choices, and explains why Extend Fertility is A Good Follow on Instagram. Connect with Cleveland Clinic IVF Director Dr. Marjan Attaran: Need to Know in NEO: Betts in Downtown Cleveland A Good Follow: Extend Fertility Connect with Stephanie here:

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