Mike Horn on Panerai, sustainability and exploring in the 21st century!


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South African-born professional explorer Mike Horn has lived a heck of a life. He's sailed around the world 27 times, walked around it three times, crossed Antarctica and summited some of the world's highest peaks. And he's down much of it with a Panerai on his wrist. But before we get to Mike, Andy and Felix chat about some of Panerai's latest releases and just how they feel about scratching up their watches.

Fair warning, though, neither of them have submitted their watch to even a fraction of the abuse that Mike Horn's Panerai's have endured. Mike tells us about the time he used his watch as a piton, but also what drives him into the wild, and what the point of exploration is when the map has been filled in, and what it's like to witness climate change first hand. Not only has his experience made him a perfect ambassador for Panerai for the last 21 years, but it's made him the perfect person to push Panerai down the path of sustainability.

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