The Many Benefits of Cold Water Swimming


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Episode #53

I bet you would never think that swimming in the freezing cold English Channel could become addictive! Think again! This week Daisy shares her passion for freezing her bits off in the sea and the many benefits that come with it for mind and body.


Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley: Cold Shower

Clip from The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs (BBC One)

TIPTON'S TOP TIPS FOR TITS! - Mike Tipton - The Science of Cold Water Immersion

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers Ltd YouTube channel

Cold Water Swimming Webinar with Prof Mike Tipton & Dr Heather Massey (Jan 2021)

Immerse Hebrides YouTube Channel

Physiological and psychological responses and adaptation to cold environments, Mike Tipton

The Physiological Society YouTube Channel

Bluetits - International cold water swimming group

Documentary about treating migraines with sea swimming:

100 Days of Vitamin Sea

The Top Of The Tree

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