Episode 192 | Pandemic Conversations: Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Naomi Schaefer Riley & Alex Berenson


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How should Christians be thinking well about the state of the pandemic? In this episode of the Q Ideas Podcast, we bring you four conversations from the Culture Summit, the fifteenth annual conference hosted by Q Ideas, where no topic is off-limits and we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions. In this segment, Gabe Lyons interviews Dr. Francis Collins (director of the NIH), Dr. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard epidemiologist and vaccine safety evaluator), Alex Berenson (journalist & author), and Naomi Schaefer Riley (child welfare expert) about their perspectives on everything from vaccines and covid passports to lockdowns, masks and more. Want to get instant access to the entire Culture Summit? Get your on-demand digital pass now at qideas.org/culturesummit. For $49, this gives you access to every single talk and conversation from the Culture Summit + 30 Expert Q&As.

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