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I have been waiting to talk to today's guest for a very long time, and for a lot of reasons.

I am fascinated by people who are doing things on the fringes of the health and fitness space, and to some; Josh Goldstein might be in outer space.

Josh has adopted a raw primal lifestyle, which as you can imagine, has gotten him all kinds of feedback on social media, much of which is negative to say the least. We tackle this odd "concern" that people seem to have for his health, when he has never felt better in his life.

In this conversation, we also cover:

  • His journey to the current lifestyle he lives
  • Eating an entire raw chicken on Instagram
  • His recent studying of Germ Theory v. Terrain Theory
  • How his Raw Primal diet is structured
  • The benefits of raw animal fats in your diet
  • and a ton more

This one will make you think, in all the best ways. I want to bring people on to this show that don't feed the same regurgitated information you can get everywhere else, and Josh is the perfect guest to bring in a different perspective.

I really enjoyed this and took some great things away from my conversation and hope you do the same.


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