James Morgan-Jones 'Book Author, Actor and Feline Behaviourist'


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This week Michelle speaks with James Morgan-Jones, a published Author of The Glasswater Quintet, a series of psychological thrillers, with a supernatural touch. James Morgan-Jones was born and brought up on the Essex/London borders. His mother was Welsh and his father from the East End. He trained as a professional actor at the Guildhall school of music and drama in London and worked for several years in the theatre. After a serious accident, he re-trained as a Feline Behaviourist and now lives in South Wales. To find out more from James find him on social media at https://www.facebook.com/JamesMorganJonesAuthor https://www.facebook.com/GlasswaterQuintet https://twitter.com/JamesMorganJon1 879 Freebie: Listeners can download two short stories, Lilian and The Amber Walking Stick and the first five chapters of "On the Edge of Wild Water" by James Morgan-Jones at https://jamesmorganjones.co.uk/

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