Will I Have to Cut All My Hair Off?


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On Friday, the 25th June 2021, the Afro may be no more.
That's if YOU make sure that we make our R120 000 target as we raise funds for the Maletsatsi Foundation.
This foundation provides care for many children who are currently in need of a place of safety, but more than that, they provide a family. Some of the children under their care are getting to the age when formal education is becoming a priority which is putting much pressure on an already stretched budget.
So, here's what we are doing: From the 16th to the 25th June, we will be collecting donations for the foundation, and the more money we raise, the tougher challenges I will face during the live stream on the evening of the 25th.
If we hit R120 000 at some point during those 10 days...the afro is going to go. Here's where you can make your donation:

Find out more about the Maletsatsi Foundation here.
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