Feat. Dhrupad Karwa Founder & CEO of Inspo and HaikuJAM


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On today's episode of Shunya One, Shiladitya and Amit are joined by Dhrupad Karwa, Founder & CEO of Inspo, and HaikuJAM. He talks about coming to India from England, having the idea of starting a social writing game where strangers from all around the world write short 3-lined poems called Haikus, and the app was thus named 'HaikuJam'. This idea was created on part of a failed startup in the UK. He also talks about the attention the app started garnering from college fests to journalists reviewing it, realizing that to evolve they have to be serious about technology and invest in natural language processing and working with data scientists just to understand the corpse. He takes us through the journey of launching 'Inspo' and it being the search engine for design inspiration to enrich creative thinking and more. Shiladitya and Amit ask Dhrupad about the analysis on how people showed their creative expressions, what stood out for them in finding insights better than other companies, and how Inspo works. Tune in for this and a lot more.

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