Caitlyn Jenner = Poor Person? Vaccines Make You Magneto? 6.11.21


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In episode 928, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh to discuss Kamala Harris telling people from foreign countries not to come here, Caitlin Jenner's new attack ad for Gavin Newsom, the new vaccine conspiracy theory, Florida's fight with cruise lines, China's wandering elephants, and more!


  1. Kamala Harris suffers bumpy baptism over immigration on first foreign trip
  2. Caitlyn Jenner's astonishing net worth after the Kardashians saved her from bankruptcy
  3. Jenner campaign labels California governor 'King Newsom' in new ad
  4. Cleveland doctor tells Ohio lawmakers COVID-19 vaccine can leave people magnetized, interfaced with 5G towers
  5. Anti-vax doctor mocked for claiming that shots will ‘magnetize’ people
  6. OHIO: Anti-vaccine *expert* witness claims vaccine causes forks and keys to stick to your forehead and it’s linked to 5G network towers…. Up there trying to out-Tennessee us!
  8. Fact Check-No evidence mRNA COVID-19 vaccines affect sperm
  9. Wow. An anti-vaccine nurse in Ohio tried to prove the Vaccines Cause Magnetism theory in an state legislative committee. The demonstration did not go to plan
  10. Hot New Conspiracy Theory: Vaccines Turn You Into a Magnet
  11. Covid-19 Vaccine Magnet Challenge: Videos Claim Magnets Stick To Arms After Vaccination
  12. No, COVID vaccines don’t make you magnetic. Experts debunk social media videos
  13. People who claim the COVID-19 vaccine made their bodies magnetic probably just need to shower
  14. WATCH: Randi_busts_Magnet_Man
  15. Famed Magnetic Boy Is Probably Just Very Sticky
  16. Carnival Cruise Line in 'active discussions' with CDC to return to sailing in July
  17. What we learned about COVID-19 from the Diamond Princess
  18. Cruising could resume from U.S. ports in mid-July — if passengers are vaccinated
  19. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Blames COVID on Chinese Communist Party, Signs Bills Thwarting Chinese Influence in Schools
  20. Ron DeSantis issues executive order banning 'vaccine passports' in Florida
  21. Cruise lines and Florida Gov. DeSantis square off over vaccine passports
  22. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Crafting A Cruise Line Exemption For His Vaccine Passport Ban
  23. Battle of the Seas: Cruise Lines vs. the C.D.C.
  24. Cruises still on hold after federal hearing in Florida v. CDC lawsuit
  25. Cruise Lines May Avoid Florida Ports Due to State's Proof-of-Vaccination Ban
  26. Royal Caribbean Cruises will now allow non-vaccinated passengers after Ron DeSantis threatened to fine them
  27. Royal Caribbean won’t require vaccinations on U.S. cruises, except in Seattle
  28. As DeSantis takes aim at cruise industry, Republicans step up attacks on longtime allies in corporate America
  29. Most Americans Would Specifically Look For A Cruise Line With A Vaccination Mandate, Per Survey
  30. China’s wandering elephants becoming international stars
  31. LISTEN: Hiatus Kaiyote - 'Red Room' (Official Video)

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