BRR Ep 71 Jai Bharathi Part I on the Long Way Home


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Self-actualisation is a hunger, un-famished, self- fueled in perpetuity powering the wheels of a spirit called Jai Bharathi. The name says it all.
Inspired by ‘Udaan’ a TV show hosted by #KiranBedi, that showcased the unprecedented achievements of less than ordinary people to positions of power and acclaim, this girl from #Hyderabad has made women’s empowerment her life’s #MOWO. MOving WOmen is a foundation that empowers women with mobility through riding skills with the aim to make them economically independent thus creating a cultural new normal!
A trained architect, she has successfully combined her wanderlust with her need to climb daunting skylines using the motorcycle to achieve her goals. Multiple expeditions later, including K2Ks, an all-woman 17k, SE Asian nation tour, a pan American tour, a book release (#RoadToMekong), she has been felicitated by PM Narendra Modi with support from #TelanganaTourism and #IncredibleIndia.

#vocalforlocal Biker Radio Rodcast salutes the spirit of a resurgent #India

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