74. KD Gm 4 Frustration, Deepening Packers/Rodgers Divide and CFB Playoff Debate with Doug Gottlieb


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On this episode of the Colin Cowherd Podcast, Colin explains why the NBA ratings decline isn't a long-term problem for the league (1:00). Then, Doug Gottlieb joins the pod to discuss KD's struggles in the Game 4 loss to the Bucks (8:00), why the NBA's injury problem is nothing new (12:00), which current player reminds them of Michael Jordan (15:00), their biggest worries about a potential 12-team College Football Playoff and the unintended consequences that could hurt the sport (24:00), why the Packers might've just pissed off Aaron Rodgers even more (28:00), why the Rodgers-Green Bay relationship was destined to reach a breaking point (33:00).

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