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If you have been listening to us for a little while you’ve probably figured out that sometimes, Mariah and Eryn just talk. Are we the smartest people in the room? Maybe if we are by ourselves (hehe)! But seriously, sometimes we just want to get real and talk about what we’re going through. In this episode we broach fear, fitness, cookies, selfishness, self care, and ego. Check it out and let us know if it resonates (or not) with you!

In this episode:

  • We talk.
  • “Just because you are able to do something doesn’t mean that you are the person for the job” (3:56)
  • Fear keeps you stuck
  • Paralysis comes from fear of failure
  • You need to do for you
  • Tatoos! (again!) Taking bets on if Mariah will go through with it.
  • Fitness- do what you can, when you can, however it feels good to you
  • Sara Howe--amazing at fitness, amazing at life, listen to her episode here
  • Let the facade go, no one really cares. Do what feels good to you and your body.
  • Comparisons don’t matter
  • Cat Faulk, personal trainer
  • You deserve the cookie!
  • It’s all about moderation
  • Restriction- more proof that black and white doesn’t work
  • Your healthy habits are contagious
  • Be healthy for you
  • Depression and being sedentary--the tie is tight.
  • Brain fog and fatigue
  • Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of dropping everything and taking a rest. Find the places where you can take a break.
  • Be comfortable with getting to know yourself. Know your boundaries and what you need. Sometimes it means rocking the boat.
  • Leading by example- sometimes it means not shutting up about something that bothers you. Don’t silence yourself because it is the “nicer” thing to do.
  • It is important to question how you function and your natural defaults. Are you doing something out of fear of what will happen if you don’t or is it because it is actually something that is serving you?
  • Finding the line between being selfish and self-care.
  • Ego and intuition, learn more on Joanne Susi’s episode here. If you need a life coach, check her out!
  • If what you are doing benefits the greater good and makes an impact towards the greater good than it is not selfish
  • The ego keeps you where you are and doesn’t want you to move forward. The ego is trying to protect you and keep you in what you know. Anxiety and fear keep you from listening to your intuition.
  • Susan Gorman, Intuition 101-- daily email on how to tap into your intuition and meditate
  • Ride the waves, don’t let it detract from your positivity. Keep yourself out of the mire and from getting pulled under.

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