Startups and Media Pt 1 | Alex Konrad, Elisa Schreiber, and Kaitlin Durkosh


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Forbes senior editor Alex Konrad has been covering venture capital and startups for nearly a decade. While many founders have learned how to work well with media, the learning curve is steep, and Konrad sees persistent miscommunication, misunderstanding, and misinformation between the two. Compounding the issue, today’s startup founders have to navigate the increasingly blurred lines of journalism, marketing, social media, and company-directed content, and then try to figure out where their story fits in. “The coverage they think they want is often not what they need,” Konrad tweeted earlier this year. “And their perspective of the process is skewed by the survivor bias of seeing who is getting covered." To demystify the world of media, Konrad joined Greylock marketing partner Elisa Schreiber and Greylock communications director Kaitlin Durkosh for a wide-ranging discussion. In the first of the two-part conversation, the three break down media basics and offer tactical advice to founders looking to effectively engage with media and tell their company story.

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