High Level Narcissist - Exploiter Extraordinaire


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High level narcissists spend their days exploiting others. This is their style and their deep need to take advantage of every relationship: spouses, partners, ex-spouses, children.

When you are partnered with a high level narcissist this individual interferes with the expression of your individuality and creativity.

1. You become part of the Image that defines them as special and superior to others. The narcissist expects you to mirror his/her perfection. For the narcissist image is reality. This insistence interferes with the development of your individuality.

2. With your fine character you make the high level narcissist look very good. .The high level uses your character as a vehicle for twining with you.

3. High levels are often attracted to empaths. Empaths are highly intuitive and experience a deep understanding and appreciation for the feelings of others. Again, the empath is often very forgiving and will stay with the high level despite how badly they are treated..

4. High level narcissists ride high on your unique creativity and some of them exploit your creativity ideas. They are unwilling to give your many creative gifts.

AT a point of awakening you recognize that you can no longer be manipulated and controlled by the high level narcissist. You have done the research about the true nature of the narcissistic personality. . Your wisdom and deep insights have brought you to the recognition and decision that you are moving forward to separate from the level narcissist and put yourself first.

Give yourself so much credit for appreciating who you are as an authentic, empathic, creative, individual. You are persevering, grounded, have many gifts and are moving along the pathways of the authentic original self.





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