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Jesus’ words in John 5:19 is our beginning point to understand a biblical cadence. Note his words; “…..the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does…the Son does likewise…”

The key take away from this passage is that God is active and the Son, Jesus Christ is getting into the flow of God’s work. The million-dollar question is; What is God doing in my life, church, community, and state that I need to get into that flow? So, what does the activity of God look like as we emerge from this so-called pandemic? The landscape is different, and the cadence of life has a different sound to it. This year, 2021 is being described as a tsunami of grief. The ungrieved losses are many coming out of 2020. The upside-down manner in memorializing family members in 2020 has left a massive impact upon our soul. Churches that no longer look and feel like the pre-pandemic days has shocked leaders and attendees.

The reality of losses from 2020 cannot be resolved with Christianized language or church speak. Ungrieved losses has a sound thatuncensored and more primal. Anguish is a term that comes to mind whenattempting to wrestle with loss on this level. I want to give you a paradigm of Biblical Leadership that demonstrates a true cadence of leading. There are 4 facets to this cadence.

#1 – AWAKENING: There is a tension between 2 forms of awakening. 1) There is an awakening the pandemic is ending and now we can get back to pre-pandemic normalcy. 2) There is an awakening of re-setting or re-starting over because the leadership landscape is so vastly different than pre-pandemic days. The first form is filled with anguish because because the cadence of what we had is not present. The second form recognizes the sound of a new cadence and cries out for insight to get into a new flow of life.

#2 – ABIDING – The mere suggestion of ABIDING denotes forbearance and patience. However, if our leading is to create the past this will lead to frustration. If we embrace a new cadence because of the pandemic, we will look for God’s activity and then abide in this reality while awaiting the rightmoment to get involved in a new flow of activity. Patience andperseverance are only shaped and matured in seasons of suffering.

#3 – ANNOINTING – Patience and perseverance are precursors to a new anointing. Biblical anointing represents being commissioned and protected for a new cadence never heard and experienced. Once anointing is embraced, we now can lead into a new rhythmic flow into a new tomorrow with confidence that the Almighty is on our side. I had a wise professor that repeated a mantra often; “Do not doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light!” This mantra was a revealer of what in fact God was showing me in the light – eternal Biblical principles not ”lights, camera, action!” The anointing is an outflow of abiding.

#4 – AUTHORITY: This term has been severely abused. The abuse stems from measuring the wrong trends and outcomes. If we believe the sheer force of mechanical methodology determines merit, then we are seriously out of step with the cadence of daily life. There is KEY leadership maxim that states; “Do not ask for a hand until you touch a heart! People are asking 1) Do you know me? 2) Can you help me? & 3) Can I trust you? If the answer is NO to any one or combination ofquestions, you will lose the very people you are attempting to influence on behalf of your enterprise. Said another way; Leadership is not being in CHARGE, it is caring for the people in your CHARGE!


•Am I truly experiencing an awakening or a longing for yester-year?

•What is my level of hope, trust, and security?

•What is the basis of my life call?

•Whose authority am I standing upon?


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