646: The Rule of 26 with Michael Buzinski


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The Rule of 26

Michael Buzinski, Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing

– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 646 Michael Buzinski

Michael “Buzz” Buzinski is a life-long entrepreneur, a digital marketing thought leader, an author, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing. He has worked with over 750 service-based businesses and helped them make their digital marketing S.I.M.P.L.E. (Streamline, Identify, Market Research, Plan, Launch, and Evaluate). Using the Rule of 26, Michael can double any website’s revenue.

Michael’s sole mission is to help entrepreneurs avoid the time drain and frustration of managing profitable digital marketing campaigns. Michael and the team at Buzzworthy work exclusively on the integrated marketing needs of privately-owned businesses. Their service offerings are focused on increasing their clients’ digital presence, and they are dedicated to the bottom line while creating the highest return on investment and giving business owners the freedom to focus on their business. Buzzworthy has been nationally recognized by the American Marketing Association for its innovative approach to digital marketing for small to medium-sized businesses.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Michael Buzinski about the Rule of 26.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● How small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of the American economy.

● How many new businesses forget to put together a marketing budget for their business plan.

● Why people underestimate their brand and think they don’t have the influence they do.

● How many people forget how expensive it is to grow a business and aren’t charging enough for their services.

● How people with an exit strategy think they will get a lot of money for their business when they might not.

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