The Rock & Roll Shrink Radio Show Ep. 111 Gonna Get Close to You - Stalkers


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Tonight’s show is about a topic that, believe it or not, was a known problem for centuries, but only began to be legitimized and validated, legally, psychologically, and societally in this country as recently as the 1990s. We’re going to discuss Stalking on tonight’s show. Similarly to many other popularly known pathologies, Stalking is known of by many, but through misinformation and lack of correct medical data in popular culture, traditional and social media, and entertainment sources, it is frequently mislabeled and overused incorrectly, mostly for dramatic effect. The psychology behind Stalking is complex and varied, so we do not offer a single diagnostic understanding of the behavior, but we will mention numerous iterations one might encounter. We hope tonight to help our listeners understand various behaviors frequently labeled as Stalking, and how to deal with situations that either legitimately qualify, as well as how to diffuse situations that may be unwanted or unpleasant, but not properly Stalking. Tonight, we will discuss: Definitions, Perspectives, and types of Stalking, including Casual, Psychological, & Legal How to respond to a StalkerHow to know if you may be engaging in Stalker-type behaviorResources & Help We'll start off the evening with some topic-relevant Classic Rock played by Dr. Mathis, followed by Classic Rock trivia in "The Rock & Roll Shrink Recalls," followed by our topic discussion. Please follow our bi-weekly, Wednesday evening shows, at 11 pm ET. We will have a new topic for you in two weeks!

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