Full Show (Clippers' win, Paul George's 41-pt game, Scottie Pippen's comments)


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00:00 What was the biggest reason the Clippers staved off elimination last night?

21:07 Do you like DeMarcus Cousins defending Paul George after his 41-point game?

35:40 Who will win Game 6: PG13’s Clippers or Devin Booker’s Suns?

48:32 Any issue with Patrick Beverly mocking CP3 for his reaction to the 3rd quarter flagrant foul?

57:53 Chris Broussard joins to recap the Clippers’ win over the Suns.

1:11:45 Chris Broussard returns to discuss Cousins’ defense of PG13.

1:27:07 Chris Broussard returns to preview Game 6 of the Clippers/Suns series.

1:38:49 Skip & Shannon discuss Scottie Pippen’s comments on Phil Jackson.

1:45:58 Skip & Shannon discuss Scottie Pippen’s comments on MJ leaving the Bulls to play baseball.

1:52:24 Who will win Game 4: Bucks or Hawks?

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