Cristy Rice (The Real Housewives of Miami) - Part II


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Real Housewives of Miami Cristy Rice steps back Behind The Rope. (For everyone who missed it, our Part I sit down with Cristy is available on our feed! Feel free to check it out.). We get right into it today. Cristy talks about how her and Larsa were “set up” by Lea Black during a Watch What Happens Live Appearance. She discusses Andy Cohen’s role. Juicy Stuff. She also discusses fellow cast mates Lea Black and Adriana de Moura, how they changed as a result of fame and being in the public eye. Also, Cristy reminds us that the only live reunion in reunion history was the Season One reunion of The Real Housewives of Miami. We discuss what that was like, what went horribly wrong, and how Andy Cohen handled the situation. She also discusses the pressures to “create” fake story lines such as dating on camera and the other “non real” aspects of RHOM, a reality show. She explains the disconnect between presenting her real life versus what the producers wanted, how Bethenny Frankel influenced her decision to do the show, the reality of what the show turned out to be, and how she felt she was edited once the show came out. Cristy discusses who she keeps in touch with from her cast of RHOM, how Miami is a “small place” where you can’t help but run into her fellow cast mates, and who she wishes she never sees again. We discuss her friendship with Larsa Pippen during the height of the hit Bravo show, their falling out, Larsa’s involvement with the Kardashians, and the current state of their friendship today. Of course, we address the age old question, “Would you ever go back?” which now that the show has been Green Lit and is currently filming to come back, makes this question more relevant than ever!




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