#123 – Squeeb v. Squelch


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A new group of adventurers set forth on a journey in the D&D campaign “Fallen Empires”

Characters of this campaign include: Powell the Goliath Paladin (Eric), Squeeb the Deep Gnome Wizard (Stephen), Token the Mousefolk Rogue (Matt), Tamsyn the Wood Elf Ranger (Andy), and Luke is once again our fearless DM.

#123 – Squeeb v. Squelch

Highlights include:
1. The group get their first contract from the guild; Septima is their contact who will tell them what to do next.
2. Septima details what she wants the group to do– check out a mysterious tower that has not been where it stands currently. Septima also offers to train Squeeb as her apprentice when they return.
3. The group comes across a small goblin stewing to himself, Token & Tamsyn try to make it seem like they were looking for the goblin and he believes them. Luke did not expect this.
4. After following their new goblin leader Squelch into the wilderness they come across a fallen tree with a naked man stuck under it. Marks on the tree are unusual and they investigate further, something may be up with this guy…
5. After freeing the man and taking him in as a fellow ‘prisoner’ of Squelch, he passes out and something very troubling happens.

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