SEXYBITS - Potterotica and the Quizner of Azkaban


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VERY SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT!!! We have a very exciting show for you all this week - maybe there's something related to Harry Potter? Maybe there's a quiz? WHO KNOWS...there's definitely a fan-f**kin-tastic pun - what more do you want? YEAH, it's a bit late and YEAH we have had a couple of months of iffy release times but THIS WILL MAKE UP FOR IT. ENJOY you sexy people. We really want to hear from you! If you'd like to contribute a Hate List or to be featured on future episodes of the Babblement, you can get in contact in all the following ways; Instagram and Twitter = @babblementpod Facebook = Email = If you're feeling extra nice, rate and subscribe on iTunes - you could be in with the chance of winning something we have lying around in the shed...lucky devils.

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