#78 - Choosing Your Identity


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Challenging ourselves to change for the better can be hard, but what's even harder is when we try to break our old habits. For one, there is no short-cut or even hacks on this.

In order for you to achieve your goal, you need patience, dedication, and consistency. This is because our habits can greatly affect us and have a direct impact on our lives than we imagine. So, changing even just one little thing each day can actually help us have a healthier lifestyle and a more positive outlook in life.

In this episode, Benjy and Andrew exchange views about developing your good habits, creating your identity, and building the image of your ideal self. They also discuss the importance of acknowledging your past mistakes so you can fully accept your new identity. They also emphasize how willpower can stop you from letting your bad habits rule your life considering that you are a human being with sexual integrity who has total control over yourself.

To help us have a clearer understanding of the topic, Benjy openly shares his internal and emotional battle back when he was in middle school and how he learned more about himself through his experiences. Meanwhile, Andrew tells about his desire of having a healthier mind and body by slowly building good habits on a daily basis to be the best version of himself.

Join us, and learn more as we present our views on how changing our habits can help us attain self-improvement, and how giving importance to our physical and emotional health can help maintain our sexual integrity. Lastly, how turning away from our bad habits can regain our self-confidence and self-respect as children of God.

  • Adopting a new kind of identity [00:29]
  • Learning more about yourself [4:20]
  • Cascading effect of transformation [10:02]
  • Correlation between physical health and people's integrity [12:20]
  • Confidence in being a child of God [21:18]
  • Creating our own identity [24:14]
  • The idea of the Divine Principle [26:01]
  • Emotional habits being more challenging [31:53]
  • Controlling our emotions [36:29]

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