Lost Arts Radio Show #343 - Special Guest Maj Toure


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I was introduced to Maj Toure and his organization Black Guns Matter when I happened to catch the Alex Jones Show. The day he had gotten Maj on as a guest, to introduce Alex's vast audience to Black Guns Matter. I was immediately impressed by Alex's guest, presenting the importance of uninfringed firearms rights, that the Constitution does not grant but affirms as given by God along with all our other Natural Rights from God. Maj teaches the necessity of access to the knowledge of and means of self-defense, and his non-profit organization offers free firearms skill and safety training to black Americans and others of all races who want to benefit from these services. He instructs students in de-escalation, non-violent conflict resolution, empathy and compassion. In other words, responsible firearms ownership and defensive use. This creates a responsible, armed population that acts as a deterrent to violence, coming from individual or official misconduct. Maj is also an advocate of reconnection to the Earth, our life-support system for physical existence. This means learning to grow food, and to awaken other tradeable skills that make individuals and communities more self-sufficient and resistant to the ravages of economic destruction, such as that currently being rolled out by numerous governments in the name of a fake pandemic, intended to make us all dependent for our survival on conditional government handouts, for obedient slaves only. Maj is looking for financial support of his ongoing free class offerings, and is also inviting all those who can make it to attend to come the Solutionary Summit this September 3rd to 5th in Miami. See the full event description and speaker lineup at https://solutionarylifestyle.org/. We have a limited time to talk with Maj on this Sunday's show, and enough to talk about for many hours.

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