(E30) The Big Dirty | Feat. 'Violence' from Phoenix, Arizona Nu-Metalcore Outfit Dead Echo | Thirsty Planet Brewing Company's Spot On Pils and Modern Times Beer's Caliban Hazy IPA Craft Beer Reviews


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Episode 30 Breakdown:


The boys hit another milestone with their Dirty Thirty episode and have a really cool chat with Reality Grey's Anto Addabbo.

The time has finally come for Todd to embrace the float for a bonding trip with new co-workers while Arie gets lost in the comfot of his first new bed in YEARS.

Todd keeps things Spot On, per usual, with his beer selection while Arie sticks to the Modern Times with his Hazy IPA.

We're Hip To Be Scared with Ice Nine Kills, Waking the Cadaver arise from their grave with some filthy new material, and Lamb of God once again team up with beer titans Brewdog for another NA collab beer for some of our sharp points of discussion.

Of course, our featured band is bringing Violence from the heat of Phoenix, Arizona to your speakers. This is the Dead Echo Vibe.

Featured Band:

This week's episode features Violence from Dead Echo.


Dead Echo is a five-piece American nu-metalcore band, and hailing from the heat of Phoenix, Arizona, they are out for blood. Drawing influence and approach from bands like Alpha Wolf, Darko US, Varials, Dealer, Degrader, and Emmure, Dead Echo is a force to be reckoned with straight from the outset, with nowhere to go but up. This is The Dead Echo Vibe.

What Dead Echo is drinking:

Now, this was a tough one, because the five of us have a very eclectic palate. We all have a love for Mexican beers like Dos Equis & Modelo and San Tan Brewing Company beers naturally because we all are from the Southwest, and STBCo. is a local brewery to us. Another one we all enjoy is called “Big Blue Van”; a 5.4% ABV blueberry wheat beer! However, more specifically:

Harry, our vocalist, loves Bud Light Lime and Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.

Brett, our lead guitarist, loves mixing Guinness with Killian’s Red!

Tyler, our rhythm guitarist, loves Kilt Lifter, and basically anything that’s not an IPA.

Adrian, our bassist absolutely loves San Tan Brewing Company’s “Juicy Jack” Juicy Hazy IPA.

Corey, our drummer, hands-down loves San Tan Brewing Company’s seasonal “Sex Panther” 6.8% ABV Double Chocolate Porter.

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Jam Violence and other gnarly tracks from previous Featured Bands on our Bands to Watch For playlist

Beers fueling this week's episode include Thirsty Planet Brewing Company's Spot On Pils and Modern Times Beer's Caliban Hazy IPA (Arie's pick.)

  • Spot On Pils is a classic Czech-style pilsner, balanced with Bohemian pilsner malt, Saaz hops, and a crisp lemongrass finish. It’s the perfect beer during a game of fetch or after a relaxing off-leash hike through the Greenbelt. Spot On Pils is spot on with it's 4.4% ABV. Thirsty Planet Brewing Company is located in Austin, Texas.
  • Caliban is a part of Modern Times Beer's rotating Hazy IPA series with amazing color and even more amazing flavor with bright tropical fruit, berries, lemon, and crisp citrus that’s practically guaranteed to improve your immediate point of view. Caliban comes in at 6.9% ABV, nice. Modern Times Beer is located in San Diego, California.

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