473: How to Control Your Fear with Dr. Amy Silver


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How to Control Your Fearwith Dr. Amy Silver ---------------------------Humans are hard-wired to fear anything that puts us in harm’s way. But what do you do when fear keeps you from taking the necessary risks toward achieving your goals? Worried you might choose the wrong major in college? You probably will. Worried you’ll choose the wrong partner and get your heart broken? That will almost certainly happen. What if you start a new exercise routine and get an injury? Yup, that will likely happen too. On this week’s podcast, psychologist, Amy Silver, will help you learn how to navigate the complexities of fear.

Listen & Learn

  • How social anxiety has heighted since the pandemic
  • How to determine if fear is adaptive or debilitating
  • Nature vs. nurture - where does fear come from?

Resources & Links:Dr. Amy Silver’s WebsiteABOUT OUR GUESTAmy is a Clinical Psychologist and has published in dozens of journals and magazines. She is the author of Conversations Create Growth, Brace for Impact, and her newest book, The Loudest Guest: How to control your fear.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Raw Eggs

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