159: Cultivating Better Connection (with Brooke Romney)


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This is an encore presentation of Ep. 114. Everyone has a story. Sometimes we agree with them and sometimes we don’t. But surprise! We don’t have to take sides! Isn’t that a relief!? We can just listen for the sake of understanding, and sit with our feelings for a while. In this episode, we chat with Brooke Romney and learn how to be a better listener and how to connect with others whether we agree with their viewpoints or not. Brooke is a writer, speaker, and educator who is passionate about making connections. Through her articles and on her Instagram, she helps parents connect to their children and to the world. She helps parents initiate conversations with their kids as they talk about real life and current issues. After listening to this powerful episode, you’ll have a desire to be real with others as you share stories and cultivate meaningful connections with them.
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